Make up discount and review


I just recieved  two eyeshadow brushes and this brow pen/eyeliner combined from Born Pretty

So what are my opinions on them?
Brushes: Well these brushes really surprised me. They are super soft and does the work really well. I have never seen the point in spending a lot of money on brushes, and these really proves it: these brushes are under 2 dollars. That’s nothing!! Get them HERE, I have number 3 and 4. I definently recommend these. They were not too soft and not hard on the skin either. 
Eyeliner/Brow pen: Second, I got the combined eyeliner and brow pen. Now is this a suitable item for me or what? This is just under 5 dollars and also surprised me. You may recall in THIS post where I wrote about my favourite eyeliner. This one also really does the trick but the colour is not as intense as what I am used to, I actually made two layers to get the right colour, and it is very easily removed with water. But still, you can’t compete with the price. The brow pen is just great. I have nothing to say except “brava“. These are available in three colours, and I got number 2. Get it HERE



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